Saturday, 18 January 2014

Naughty Night Shift Nurse

2014 is upon us, and in 3 weeks time I'll be headed back to Australia from my semester abroad in Japan. My blogging took a serious blow while I've been here. Unfortunately spare time has been pretty much non-existent, and my nails have been in poor shape since I got here and I can't work out why. I'm hoping they'll fix themselves once I'm back in Aus so I can continue to put up the occasional blog post!

Today I have for you some photos that I took back at the start of July last year. Unfortunately what with getting ready for my time abroad they never made it to my blog, until now that is when I stumbled across them on my computer and realised they were unposted. Without further ado, I have for you the limited edition Naughty Night Shift Nurse (NNSN) from Pretty Serious Cosmetics. I don't know what NNSN did that was so naughty exactly, but it seems to be cursed to have drama follow it (not that that's something I'll be elaborating on here, this is a place of happiness and polish!).

NNSN has a red-purple to blue duochrome base with iridescent flakies. Here I've layered it over OPI Black Onyx (which you can see at my cuticles because when I did my topcoat of Seche it shrunk NNSN but not Black Onyx) to make the duochrome pop. This is going to get a bit photo heavy, here goes!

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

Partial shade


Bottle shot

Bottle shot

NNSN is unfortunately no longer available as it was released in a limited run, but other Pretty Serious polishes can be purchased from their website (with worldwide shipping!).

Anthea xx

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