Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Love, Sayuri

Sayuri Nail Lacquer launches tomorrow morning, and I have one last polish to show you swatches of. This is our special edition launch polish, 'Love, Sayuri'.

One coat of 'Love, Sayuri' over OPI 'Ink'

One coat of 'Love, Sayuri' over A England 'Iseult'

'Love, Sayuri' is a clear based glitter topper packed with 10 different holographic glitters. Rose pink, purple, and silver hexes of varying sizes, rose pink and turquoise blue squares, and rose pink and silver butterflies. It's girly and holographic, 2 of my favourite things!

The website goes live for good tomorrow morning at 9am AEST. It will remain open until approx midnight tonight for browsing purposes. Don't forget to join us on facebook for updates as from now on I'll be trying to keep Nailed Obsession and Sayuri as separate as possible (other than to show you new releases of course!).

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Mizuiro

We made it! The final polish in the Streets of Tokyo Collection, this is 'Mizuiro'.

One coat of 'Mizuiro' over OPI 'Happy Anniversary!'

One coat of 'Mizuiro' over OPI 'Your Web Or Mine?'

Influenced by the all-blue fashions of the Mizuiro Lolitas, this glitter topper contains periwinkle, navy, gunmetal grey, and silver hexes of varying sizes in a clear base. I like to think that as far as glitter polishes go this one is a little more 'work appropriate' (depending what you choose to layer it over of course).

Tomorrow night I'll be showing you swatches of our special edition launch polish 'Love, Sayuri' (another of my favourites from our current line up). If you like pastel colours and holo glitter bombs I'm sure you'll love it too! In meantime, jump over to the Sayuri facebook page and show us some love! After tomorrow I'll be keeping Nailed Obsession and Sayuri more or less separate so the facebook page is the best way to stay up to date (that goes for you too international ladies!).

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Decora

Before I show you the second last polish from the Streets of Tokyo Collection, I'd like to have a word with the international ladies (the ones living outside of Australia), because I know quite a few of you are interested in Sayuri Nail Lacquer. I think most of you know by now, but Australia has strict shipping laws regarding international shipping and nail polish. Unfortunately this means that I am prevented from selling my polish to those outside of Australia. HOWEVER, we do plan to look into international distribution once we've found our feet domestically. We have an expression of interest form that those of you living internationally can fill out, this will basically let us know how much interest we have and where you all live so that we can work out the best option for everyone.

Moving on. I'd like to introduce you to the second last polish from the Streets of Tokyo Collection, 'Decora'.

One coat of 'Decora' over bare nails

Influenced by the heavily accessorised tendencies of the Decora style in pink and black, this polish contains tiny black and magenta glitters, black bar glitters, matte pink hexes and hearts all in a magenta pink base. The best bit? You can get away with only one coat of this one if you're in a hurry.

I'll have swatches of the final polish in the Streets of Tokyo Collection to show you shortly, in the meantime, if your an Australian resident and haven't yet entered the Sayuri launch giveaway, jump over to the Sayuri blog and enter for your chance to win 3 Sayuri polishes of your choice. Giveaway ends at 5pm AEST tomorrow (Thursday) so hurry!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Oshare

I know quite a few of you like circle glitters and odd shapes, so this one is for you. This is 'Oshare'.

One coat of 'Oshare' over China Glaze 'Towel Boy Toy'

One coat of 'Oshare' over OPI 'Black Onyx'

Influenced by the fun, bright clothing of the Oshare style, this glitter topper contains tiny yellow glitters, large yellow blossoms, and turquoise and fuschia dots in a clear base. This one is really versatile, I had a hard time deciding which colours to layer it over. For anyone interested in this polish, purple is another good choice of base colour.

So that's 6 down, 2 to go from the Streets of Tokyo Collection. I'll have the final 2 up tomorrow night. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our website before the launch on Friday (boost your ninja skills by knowing your way around and making an account!) and like our facebook page.

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Ganguro

Alright guys, we're halfway through the Streets of Tokyo Collection. Next up, 'Ganguro'.

One coat of 'Ganguro' over Essie 'Blanc'

Influenced by the bright pink clothing, Oompa Loompa tans, and white make up that Ganguro girls wear, this polish contains matte orange and hot pink shreds, together with holographic gold bars and smaller glitters in a white jelly base. This one will reach opacity in 2 to 3 coats, or you can layer it over a white polish like I've done.

I'll have another polish for you shortly so stay tuned!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Fairy Kei

The next Sayuri polish that I'm releasing swatches of is one that I know more than a few people are hanging out to see. This is 'Fairy Kei'.

Two coats of 'Fairy Kei' over China Glaze 'Sweet Hook'

One coat of 'Fairy Kei' over OPI 'Black Onyx'

'Fairy Kei' is my personal favourite from the Streets of Tokyo Collection. Influenced by the soft, pastel tones of the Fairy Kei style, this polish contains matte aqua, lavender, and pink hexes of varying sizes, along with tiny iridescent purple glitters in a light purple base that flashes blue in the light. The iridescent glitters are a little camera shy, but they're really pretty in real life. A few of them are just peeking out in the macro shot. I don't mean to blow my own horn, but I love the versatility of this polish. Out of curiosity I layered it over black, and I'm so glad that I did, because as you can see from my swatches the base becomes a beautiful shimmery navy. Hopefully some of you who aren't quite as girly as me can still enjoy 'Fairy Kei'!

The Sayuri Nail Lacquer website is now live for browsing purposes, and will go live for purchases at 9am AEST on Friday March 1st. If you're in Australia there's also a giveaway running that you can enter from the website blog or the tab on the facebook page. International girls please don't despair, your time is coming ;)

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Mori

Tonight I have two more Sayuri polishes to show you, starting with 'Mori'.

One coat of 'Mori' over OPI 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons'

'Mori' is another polish from the Streets of Tokyo Collection, inspired by Japanese street fashion. Mori in Japanese means 'forest', and the girls who wear the Mori style wear earthy tones. Sayuri's 'Mori' is a glitter topper containing green, brown, and caramel hexes of varying sizes, along with some special gold flakies.

The Sayuri Nail Lacquer website is now open for browsing purposes, and will go live for purchases at 9am AEST on Friday March 1st. Stay tuned, I'll soon be showing you swatches for my personal favourite from the collection ;)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Kogal

Your second lot of Sayuri swatches for the evening, this is 'Kogal'.

Two coats of 'Kogal' over OPI's Happy Anniversary!'

'Kogal' is influenced by the school-girl appearance of the Kogal style. This polish contains red and blue squares, along with matte white short bar glitters and smaller glitters in a shimmery gold base.

Our website is now live for browsing purposes, so go check out the macro shots of all our polishes and enter the giveaway on the store blog while you're there. Stay tuned, we'll be releasing swatches of two more of our polishes tomorrow night!

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Lolita

Hey guys, as you will now be aware I'm launching my nail polish label Sayuri Nail Lacquer this Friday, March 1st, at 9am AEST. In the lead up to our launch I'll be releasing a few swatches every night, starting tonight with 'Lolita'.

One coat of 'Lolita' over OPI's 'Barre My Soul'

Two coats of 'Lolita' over OPI's 'Barre My Soul'

'Lolita' is from our Streets of Tokyo Collection which is inspired by Japanese street fashion. There are several types of Lolitas, but our Lolita is based on the dark tones worn by Gothic Lolitas. 'Lolita' contains gunmetal grey, garnet, and black hexes of varying sizes, along with black diamond shaped glitters in a black base that flashes garnet in the light. Unfortunately that garnet flash is a little camera shy, but I promise you it's there!

Our website is now live for browsing purposes, so go check out the macro shots of all our polishes and enter the giveaway on the store blog while you're there. Stay tuned, we'll be releasing swatches of a second polish later tonight!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Melody

I promised you some nail art, so here it is! Tara from Loki's Lacquer made me a special pink polish as a gift for my birthday, and her daughter Zoe named it 'My Melody' because it's the same colour as the character's hood. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Sanrio character, this is My Melody:

I tried to recreate the character on my nails. I don't know how successful I was, so I'll let you be the judge ;)

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

How did I do? I'm not quite happy with her ear, but considering I didn't do a practice run first I think this was a pretty decent job! My special 'My Melody' polish has a magenta base with holo flakies in it. This was 2 smooth coats. Love! A massive thank you to Tara for my birthday polish, I can tell a lot of thought went in to it :)

Bottle shot

Monday, 18 February 2013

Introducing: Sayuri Nail Lacquer

Sorry for my absence of late guys, I've been a little under the weather. I'll try and have some nail art up in the next couple of days, but for now I have some very exciting news that I can finally share with you. I'd like to introduce you to a new indie polish brand, Sayuri Nail Lacquer. Sayuri is my own brand, and I'm really excited to be joining the ranks of Aussie indie sellers!

Sayuri will be launching on Friday March 1st at 9am AEST. I will have swatches available shortly, but in the meantime jump over to the facebook page or follow us on twitter and instagram to stay up to date. You can also join our mailing list from the tab on the facebook page. More coming soon!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sweet Surprise

It's my birthday! And while I'm incredibly eager to rush off and open all the birthday nail mail that I've accumulated over the past couple of weeks I first need to show you the final Valentine's release polish in my stash, which I also saved for today because I think it's super sweet and birthday-like.

Lamp light

Lamp light

Lamp light

This is Femme Fatale's 'Sweet Surprise'. Doesn't it remind you of cupcake icing!? 'Sweet Surprise' is a pale pink creme with blue undertones, and a scattering of various shapes/sizes in chartreuse, orange pink, white, garnet and purple. This one is really cute! It's certainly an interesting combination, it's pastel and bright at the same time, a combination which rarely works. My mani shows 2 coats on its own. On my ring finger I've done a birthday related candle (yes, that blob is a candle) using OPI's 'Barre My Soul' as a base and OPI's 'You're A Pisa Work' and China Glaze's 'Spontaneous' for the candle stick. The flame is OPI's 'A Good Man-darin Is Hard To Find' with some loose translucent orange glitters placed on top. Unfortunately I had to take my photos under the lamp because it's raining outside, so for a more colour accurate shot of 'Sweet Surprise' I suggest checking out the pics on the Femme Fatale Cosmetics website.

Bottle shot

'Sweet Surprise' is available from Femme Fatale Cosmetic's website for those in Australia. International girls can buy it from Shoppe Eclecticco NOW (but you'd better hurry before they sell out!). Don't forget to use the code NO2PC at Shoppe Eclecticco check out for a discount on every order.

P.S. Today also marks my debut as a contributor on the Lacquerheads of Oz website. Birthday appropriate cupcake nails! Go check it out and subscribe!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fatal Attraction

Hey guys, a quickish post today because I'm really short on time. Today I have the second polish in Femme Fatale Cosmetic's Valentine's Trio to show you. I was going to do some nail art with this one but I think you'll agree that this one is stunning on it's own.

Full sunlight

Full sunlight - out of focus to amplify the holo

Full sunlight

This is 'Fatal Attraction', but I like to think of it more as 'Fatal Distraction'. Hello holo overload! 'Fatal Attraction' has a deep magenta jelly base that is packed with tiny holo glitters (there might also be tiny magenta glitters in there, it's hard to tell with all the crazy holo stuff going on!). My photos show 2 coats on it's own, although you could easily do a third coat and amplify the holo effect even more. When looking at my photos, take what you see and times it by 3. THAT'S how much holo is in this polish. The colour sort of reminds me of jam. You know, if jam was packed with amazing holo stuff. I'd totally eat that.

Bottle shot

Femme Fatale Cosmetics nail polish can be bought directly from the website for those in Australia. International girls will be able to buy the polishes in the Valentine's Trio from Shoppe Eclecticco this Tuesday (the 12th) at 9pm Singapore time. Don't forget to use the code NO2PC at Shoppe Eclecticco's check out for a discount on every order.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Gilded Rose

How are you guys coping with Valentine's Month? As I suspected, Valentine's Month will be more like Valentine's Fortnight. 5 polishes down, 3 to go! Fear not skeptics of love, the lovey dovey terror will be over soon.

So what do I have left to show you? The three remaining polishes are Femme Fatale Cosmetic's Valentine's Trio. I'm starting today with 'Gilded Rose'. I've even thrown in some half-ass nail art as promised. Yep, stamping again. Sorry! Inspiration has been lacking lately, I've been putting my creative energy into other endeavours, all of which will be revealed soon ;)

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

'Gilded Rose' is a clear base glitter topper stuffed full of gold holo, rose and garnet glitters in various shapes and sizes. There's even gold stars in there. The base colour that I've used in this mani is A England's 'Iseult' (a beautiful shimmery soft pink that everyone needs to own). My photos show 'Gilded Rose' on my index and pinkie fingers, and stamping using Essie's 'Good As Gold' and plate m65 on my middle and ring fingers. I then placed some rose coloured glitters among the stamping to match the glitters in 'Gilded Rose'. I'm really happy with this combo, hopefully I can get a few days wear out of it!

Bottle shot

Australians are able to buy Femme Fatale Cosmetics polishes from the Femme Fatale Website. For girls living outside of Australia, 'Gilded Rose' hasn't hit any of the international stockists just yet, but I believe a few of them will have it within the next couple of weeks including Shoppe Eclecticco so keep an eye out. I also have big news for girls in Australia. In addition to their own line, Femme Fatale Cosmetics are now stocking Gloss 'n Sparkle and Emily de Molly, so you can now buy all 3 in the one location (hooray for combined shipping!). Jump over to the website for all the info.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hearts Aflutter

Just when my nails were starting to grow again I'm back to nubbins! Why is it always my left hand that succumbs to tragedy? I might need to wrap my hands in bubble wrap for a few weeks I think (or just stop being so clumsy...and dramatic).

Today brings another installment in Valentine's Month. This time it's Gloss 'n Sparkle's turn with 'Hearts Aflutter'. I have to warn you, today's photos don't do this polish justice. I tried on 5 separate occasions to get a decent photo, and tried several different light sources, but my camera just wasn't commited to the task today. Sigh. Why do you hate me world?

Partial sunlight

Overcast lighting

Partial sunlight

'Hearts Aflutter' is a mix of pink and white matte hearts, holographic silver butterflies and stars, as well as smaller rose pink, lavender, and holographic silver glitters of various shapes and sizes all in a clear base. I've layered 'Hearts Aflutter' over OPI's 'Ink'. This is an unusual combination for me, normally I would have layered it over a light pastel colour, but I love this combination! The dark base really makes the glitters pop, although sadly my photos failed to share this with you.

Bottle shot

Aussies can buy 'Hearts Aflutter' from Gloss 'n Sparkle's etsy store when it re-opens in a couple of weeks. For international ladies, Shoppe Eclecticco will have 'Hearts Aflutter' in stock later in the month.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Love

Today I have for you a special continuation of my review of Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk Collection. For those of you who aren't aware, Rainbow Honey released 2 special limited edition polishes along with the Sweet Talk Collection, named 'My Love' and 'Dearly Beloved'. One of these polishes is gifted with every order (over $50) while stocks last, and luckily for those of us outside of the US and Canada Rainbow Honey also supplied their international retailers with a limited quantity of these polishes. Being the devoted Rainbow Honey fan that I am, I stayed up until 2am (Aussie time) on a work night and employed my ninja skills in order to secure one of these elusive polishes. I think we can safely say that I'm psychotic.

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

Full sunlight


Packaging, and my bottle number!

As you can see from my photos, the polish that I received was 'My Love'. 'My Love' is designed for layering and consists of gold glitter and flakes, a tonne of iridescent glitter, white and pink pearl hearts, and an iridescent pink shimmer in a clear base. In the above photos I've layered 'My Love' over OPI's 'Ink' on my index and pinkie fingers, and China Glaze's 'Something Sweet' on my middle and ring fingers. I love both combinations and they're both completely different looks, stunning over the dark purple but soft and sweet over the pink.

Bottle shot

For those of you who are familiar with Rainbow Honey polishes, I like to think of this one as the love child of 'Sakura Matsuri' and 'A Little Kindness'. It has those same stunning iridescent glitters and white and pink pearl shapes (hearts instead of blossoms) as 'Sakura Matsuri', and the same shimmery base as 'A Little Kindness' (except 'My Love' shifts from yellow to pink and 'A Little Kindness' is the reverse). Can anyone else see the resemblance?

At this point I'm not sure whether any of these polishes are still available, but I suspect that the international retailers have probably run out as they were only given a very limited quantity. If you're wanting to get your hands on one of these special polishes I suggest checking with Rainbow Honey to see if there's any left!

'Dearly Beloved' and 'My Love'. Photo credit to Rainbow Honey.