Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Sweet Talk Collection

I've been a massive fan of Rainbow Honey polishes ever since I laid eyes on 'Sakura Matsuri' in July last year, so when I received an email saying that I had been chosen to review the new Sweet Talk Collection you can imagine that I ran around the house squealing like a school girl. I should warn you now, this post might get a little long. Sorry!

L - R: 'Be Mine', 'Sweet Talk', and 'XOXO'. Photo credit to Rainbow Honey.

The Sweet Talk Collection has been released just in time for Valentine's Day, and was inspired by candy conversation hearts. The collection consists of 3 polishes, aptly named 'Sweet Talk', 'Be Mine', and 'XOXO'. I was sent 2 of the 3 polishes, 'Sweet Talk' and 'XOXO', but I bought 'Be Mine' when the polishes were released on January 25th and it's arrived just in time for me to show you all 3 at once.

The polishes sent to me for review. How cute is that packaging!?

First up, 'Be Mine'. 'Be Mine' is a delightful shade of candy pink with microshimmer (which was unfortunately a little camera shy) and gold flecks. The Rainbow Honey website describes this as a crelly, however as far as I'm concerned this is a full creme. Application of this one was a little tricky, at first I thought it was thick, but then I realised that it isn't thick, it's just very fast drying. You'll need to be fast in your application of this one or you'll get drag lines. It smooths out nicely with top coat though. My photos show 2 coats, taken in full sunlight.

Next up, 'XOXO'. This one is a glitter topper and was just calling out to be used as a gradient, so I've layered it over 'Be Mine'. 'XOXO' has a clear base and is packed with raspberry pink holographic glitters, smaller holographic glitters and shimmer, and flakies. Application was smooth and I didn't need to place any of the glitters. On my ring finger in the photos below I've stamped some theme-appropriate hearts using plate KD3 and China Glaze's 'Seduce Me'. Sadly the sun fell victim to rain clouds, so my photos of 'XOXO' were taken in a light box and don't quite do this polish justice.

Finally, the namesake of the collection, 'Sweet Talk'. 'Sweet Talk' consists of a white base with aqua, coral, and lilac glitters of different sizes, and a very subtle microshimmer. Rainbow Honey describes this one as jelly, but once again this one is definitely a creme by my standards (maybe I've become accustomed to Aussie indie brands?). Application was smooth but you'll need to apply thickish coats to avoid the polish dragging, and unfortunately I found it to be a tiny bit patchy because i was trying to apply thinner coats. If you still wanted to do thinner coats you could overcome the patchiness by applying it over a white polish. My photos show 2 coats, taken in full sunlight.

Once again Rainbow Honey has produced an amazing collection, and even though I had some minor application troubles I'll be wearing all 3 of these again, they're really quite cute! The Sweet Talk Collection is currently available from the Rainbow Honey website for those living in the US and Canada. For those who live elsewhere, there are several retailers you can purchase the collection from (see the Rainbow Honey website for a full list) but personally I recommend Shoppe Eclecticco. Their customer service is impeccable, postage is reasonable, and I usually receive my orders within a week (which is faster than I receive some of my domestic orders!). Unfortunately they sold out of the Sweet Talk Collection within 24 hours of it's release, but they'll be re-stocking later in the month along with the Yokai Collection for anyone who missed out on that. Jump over to the facebook page or sign up to their mailing list on the website for re-stock info.

Disclosure note: The product/s in this post were provided for review. This did not affect my opinion of the product/s.


  1. I am in love with 'Be Mine.' Gorgeous swatches! I am already heading to the site to try and get me some!

    1. I don't normally wear a plain coloured polish on it's own these days, but I loved 'Be Mine' on it's own! It's really sweet :)


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