Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Mizuiro

We made it! The final polish in the Streets of Tokyo Collection, this is 'Mizuiro'.

One coat of 'Mizuiro' over OPI 'Happy Anniversary!'

One coat of 'Mizuiro' over OPI 'Your Web Or Mine?'

Influenced by the all-blue fashions of the Mizuiro Lolitas, this glitter topper contains periwinkle, navy, gunmetal grey, and silver hexes of varying sizes in a clear base. I like to think that as far as glitter polishes go this one is a little more 'work appropriate' (depending what you choose to layer it over of course).

Tomorrow night I'll be showing you swatches of our special edition launch polish 'Love, Sayuri' (another of my favourites from our current line up). If you like pastel colours and holo glitter bombs I'm sure you'll love it too! In meantime, jump over to the Sayuri facebook page and show us some love! After tomorrow I'll be keeping Nailed Obsession and Sayuri more or less separate so the facebook page is the best way to stay up to date (that goes for you too international ladies!).


  1. I love this glitter topper! It looks so good over pink I can't even imagine what else it would look stunning over!

    1. It really pops over white too! And it looks great over a medium blue if you're after more subtle look.


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