Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ice Cream Sprinkles

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Today I have something a little different to show you, and no doubt most of you have heard of these. They're Nail Rock nail wraps. I bought these from the ASOS website a few months ago when they were on sale (I think this particular design might be sold out now though, sorry!). They normally retail for around AU$11 - $14 depending on the design, but ASOS tend to have some on sale for around $5 if you want to try them before forking out that sort of money for the fancier designs. The ones I bought are part of the 'toontown' collection exclusive to ASOS.

I thought I'd test these out on one nail to begin with before doing a whole manicure, so I chose the pink/purple toned sprinkle design to put on my ring fingers and used Revlon's 'Flirt' on my other nails. It's a pretty good colour match, the Nail Rock is just slightly lighter. The nail wraps appear a bit 'spotty' in my photos below, I think this is just how my camera picked up the print because the colour is much more blended in real life.

Full sunlight


Partial sunlight

These were super easy to put on, you just buff your nail first to remove any shine, peel the sticker off the sheet and place it on your nail starting at the base. Then you simply file off the excess length at the top with the nail file included in the kit.  The kit includes 16 stickers of different shapes and sizes, a small nail file and wooden cuticle stick, and a 'nail preparation wipe' (which is just acetone) to use before placing the sticker on.

To be honest I'm a bit sceptical about the longevity of these since they apparently don't require a base coat or top coat, but I'll update this post once I've removed them to let you know how long they lasted. I must warn you though, I had a few issues with my nail polish application this time so you'll have to excuse me if I remove them before they actually start to come off as I'm not confident that my polish won't chip after a couple of days!  

UPDATE: These really stickers surprised me! I had them on for 4 full days and they didn't start to peel or fade at all, they just had minor tip wear like you'd get with any nail polish. In fact, I only took them off because my nail polish was chipped beyond what I can tolerate. Be careful removing them though, there's no instructions for getting them off but I suggest soaking them in nail polish remover. Even then they damaged my nails a little when peeling them off so have your buffer at the ready!

Finally, I just want to alert you guys to a few sales going on at the moment:  
1. For the Australians, all Gloss 'n Sparkle polishes are currently on sale in order to clear their current stock to make way for a new shaped bottle. Stocks are limited to what's currently in store and no more polishes will be added until the middle of October when the new bottle shape is launched. Better get in quick as colours are selling out fast! (Sorry international ladies, Angela from Gloss 'n Sparkle is still working on shipping for you. If you want to stay up to date join the facebook page).

2. Born Pretty Store currently have 20% off most of their studs. I personally love these studs, they really stay put once you apply a top coat and they're super light and don't snag on anything. If you've ever thought about using studs in your nail art now is the time to buy. Unfortunately you can't use my discount code with these ones since they're on sale, but if you add anything else to your order be sure to use the code MLE10W21 for 10% off.

3. Pretty Serious have 50% off their 'Hello World' collection until this Sunday (September 30th).  That means nail polishes are just $4.95! Also in the collection are eyeshadows and lipglosses.


  1. And are doing 50% off all their Hello World range!

  2. AAAAARGH! I'm on a beauty spending ban at the moment. But. These. Are. So. Darn. Cute! I really love the kawaii factor! Even as an accent nail I think they look great. :) Thanks for the heads up about these as I wasn't aware of them :D

    1. They are super cute and so easy to use! Hopefully they'll last awhile!


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