Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Worst Possible Thing

I feel like I'm constantly apologising to you guys at the moment. Sorry for my delayed posts, sorry for my lack of nail art, sorry for my dodgy photos. Blah. I'M SORRY! University holidays start in a week, so bear with me until then and I promise everything will go back to normal.

Today my apology is for my dodgy photos. I started getting my boyfriend to take my photos because his camera is better than mine (and if he's super lucky he might even get a macro lens for Christmas - no promises if you're reading this though Michael!). Unfortunately due to uni we've both been really busy and have hardly seen each other, so I've had to take a lot of my own photos lately. I'm sure you guys can tell which posts have photos taken by me haha.

Anyway, on to today's polish - 'The Worst Possible Thing' by Rainbow Honey (sorry RH, I'm really not doing your polishes justice am I?). I suggest clicking on the photos to enlarge them to see the effect of this polish a little better.

Full sunlight

Full sunlight - notice the iridescence starting to show through

Full sunlight


Full sunlight

First off, I just have to say that this polish is definitely NOT 'The Worst Possible Thing'. It's BEAUTIFUL! It's from the 'Equestria' collection, which are all inspired by some of the My Little Pony ponies. 'The Worst Possible Thing' (which I will now shorten to TWPT) is inspired by Rarity.

Say hello to Rarity

Rainbow Honey describes this polish as "A sheer layering polish, jewel encrusted just as Rarity would endorse and shimmering with flakies in purple and blue and a multitude of holographic and iridescent glitters". I'M IN LOVE. In the above photos I've applied one coat of OPI's 'Do You Lilac It?', followed by a coat of OPI's 'Yokohama Twilight', and finally a coat of 'TWPT' (and of course my clear top coat). Yokohama Twilight was the perfect choice of base colour for 'TWPT', as it's iridescent qualities really brought out the best in 'TWPT'. 

This polish has easily weedled it's way into my top 10, it's absoultely stunning in person, I only wish my photos could do it justice! I didn't have any application problems (I really thought this one would be thick, I was proven wrong). I've yet to see this polish applied over a colour that it didn't work well with, and it looks amazing over black. Here's Rainbow Honey's swatches so that you get an idea:

Swatches from Rainbow Honey's blog.

And of course, I couldn't do this post without including some bottle shots:

Bottle close up. Just mesmerising...

Cute packaging as always.

One of the many things I love about Rainbow Honey is the packaging. I know some people just throw the box out, but I think it's a lovely touch and I'll be keeping my polishes in their boxes. What a waste to throw it out! From the silver printing, to the heart shaped cut out and swatch sticker on the top, it really shows professionalism, which I think some indie brands could learn from. Personally, I'm much more likely to buy from an indie seller if they put effort into their labelling. That might just be because I'm a bit OCD about the appearance of my polish rack though.

So there you have it, yet another beautiful indie polish. For those of you interested in buying some Rainbow Honey polishes, I suggest you wait until the 22nd when the Chrono Cross collection is re-released (you can check them out now on the facebook page). With their international shipping fee sitting at a flat rate of $16.95 you don't want to make an order and then realise you wanted one from the Chrono Cross collection too! (As for me, I've placed my pre-order and I'm eagerly waiting for 5 new polishes. SQUEEE!)

So that you can see how versatile this polish is, here it is layered over a few different colours:

Rainbow Honey's 'The Worst Possible Thing' layered over (L - R) OPI's 'Yokohama Twilight', China Glaze's 'Blue Island Iced Tea', OPI's 'Elephantastic Pink', and OPI's 'Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous'.

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  1. I have a mini bottle now and I love it - thanks for the back story)) Makes it even more special!


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