Sunday, 9 September 2012

Liebster Award Part 3

The other day I was nominated AGAIN for the Liebster Award, this time by Maisky. Thank you! (If you missed my first two nominations or want more info on the award you can see my posts here and here).

Once again, since I've already been through this process twice, I'm not going to nominate another 11 people or ask more questions or any of that other stuff in the award 'rules', I'll just be answering the 11 questions Maisky has left for me so that you guys might get to know me a little better :) Here goes!

1. What is your guilty TV pleasure?
I don't actually watch much TV. But in addition to Gossip Girl and other shows like that that girls my age are supposed to be watching I'm actually a bit of a Trekkie. In particular I like the Next Generation series.

2. What is your dream job?
If you had asked me this a year ago when I graduated from my fashion course I probably would have said that I wanted to have my own fashion label. Now? Well I'm not so sure, but I hope it will still involve fashion.

3. What was the first bottle of nail polish you ever bought?
OPI's 'Come To Poppy' from the Nice Stems collection. That was my first 'real' nail polish anyway, I'm sure I had a few cheapies as a kid.

4. Heels or flats?
I'd wear heels all the time if it was practical, I find that they make my outfits look far more fashionable.

5. Summer or Winter?
Summer (I think I answered this question in a previous Liebster post if you want to know why!)

6. What was the last movie you went to see?
To be honest, it's been so long since I went to the movies that I don't actually remember. I used to work at Video Ezy so I got into the habit of just watching the movies for free once they came out on DVD.

7. What was the hardest job interview question you were ever faced with and how did you overcome that?
That's a hard one! I'm really bad at remembering specific things people have said to me >.< But I always hate ones such as 'what is your weakness' know, the sort that you're supposed to be able to turn into a positive? Haha.

8. What is the most extreme sport you have ever participated in.
I'm going to be a loser and class ballet as an extreme sport. Ever tried pointe? IT HURTS.

9. If you were famous and had a reality TV show about your life, what would it be called?
Bed of Flowers. My name means 'flower' and I like to spend time in bed. Enough said.

10. What is a song that you absolutely have to dance to (sometimes no matter where you are) when you hear it?
Nutbush City Limits by Tina Turner. Loooove the Nutbush haha.

11. What do you think the next nail polish trend will be?
Hmmmm...I wonder if this velvet nail thing will take off? (You know, the fuzzy ones haha). I'm somewhat skeptical, but we'll see!

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