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To prevent chipping, make sure that your nails are completely clean prior to starting your mani. Wash hands with soap to remove any lotions or dirt and make sure your hands are completely dry before starting. Apply thin, even coats of polish, making sure each coat is dry before starting the next. It's also important to apply both a base and top coat. In addition, when applying my top coat I like to 'cap' the nail, that is, running the brush over the very edge of the nail horizontally.


Ever find that you're getting little bubbles on your nails once the polish has started to dry? There are a few things you can do to prevent this.

1) Don't shake your bottles, roll them between the palms of your hands before use.
2) Apply thin, even coats of polish.
3) Avoid drying your hands in a room where there is a breeze or fan blowing.


If your polish is peeling, chances are that you're applying it too thickly or not waiting long enough for your first coat to dry before applying your second coat. Also make sure that you remove ALL old polish before starting your new mani, and after completing your mani remove excess polish from your cuticle area.

Can't get the bottle open?

If you can't get the lid off, try running the bottle under hot water for a minute or two, close to the part where the bottle and lid meet. Once you get your bottle open, take preventative measures and store your bottles in an upright position and wipe any excess polish off the outer lip of the bottle after each use.

Taking too long to dry?

If your nails are taking FOREVER to dry, try dipping them into ice cold water for about a minute. This will help speed up the drying process. Let them drip dry, you don't want to smudge them with a towel! 
 Fishing for glitters?

If you just can't get those pesky larger sized glitters onto the brush, try turning the bottle upside down for 5 minutes before you use it. 90% of the time I find this increases the number of larger glitters your brush will pick up.


  1. If a bottle cap won't open easily I wrap a rubber band around it)) works like a charm (porcelain sink and a wet polish make one big chance of a broken bottle)

    1. That's a good one! I usually do it in the laundry sink which isn't porcelain, just in case lol


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