Sunday, 23 September 2012

Glitter Bomb Explosion

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Sorry for my posting absence guys, I've had a very hectic couple of weeks. I promised you a nail art post this time, so here you have it, requested by one of my subscribers: Glitter Bomb Explosion!

Full sunlight

Full sunlight


I've used OPI's 'Elephantastic Pink', 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons', and China Glaze's 'I'm Not Lion'. I had planned to take tutorial photos, but managed to get distracted and forgot halfway through, but I do have a picture of the most important step!

Step 1: To do this design you're going to be using the same masking technique that I used in my Judas design. Before you even touch your nail polish I suggest you pre-cut your tape strips. Just cut a square of tape and cut one edge into an uneven zigzag shape. I use painter's tape simply because I find it isn't quite as sticky as sticky tape and it doesn't rip up your nail polish or leave as much residue when you remove it from your nail, but if sticky tape works for you then go for it. I got my painters tape from my local hardware store, it's similar to masking tape so if you have some of that then you can give that a go instead.

Step 2: With the tedious tape-cutting process out of the way, you can apply your protective base coat and then paint your nails in the colour you want to show at your tips (in my case, OPI's 'Elephantastic Pink').

Step 3: Allow your nail polish to dry completely, then take your pre-cut tape pieces and press them onto your nails. I found using tweezers helped with placing them on where I wanted them. Make sure you press the tape down well, you don't want any polish leaking underneath.

Step 4: Take the colour you want on the base of your nails and do one or two coats. Remove the tape from your nail about 10 seconds after applying your final coat. With any luck you will have nice clean lines! In my case, I did one coat of OPI's 'Don't Pretzel My Buttons' followed by a coat of China Glaze's 'I'm Not Lion'.

Step 5: Apply your clear top coat. Complete!

I wanted to get in on the neon trend, and I'm pretty sure that 'Elephantastic Pink' is as neon as I'll be getting! I must admit that at first I was completely against neon, and while I won't be wearing a full neon outfit anytime soon I think that if you use it as a small accent in an outfit it can look really effective. And please, PLEASE don't mix neons with pastels, just because there are two trends happening at once it doesn't mean you're supposed to mix them!

What do you think of the neon trend? Is it something you're getting in to? Or does it bring back terrible 80's flashbacks?


  1. thank you for this very easy nail art tutorial! that design looks magical and i think would be lovely for this coming halloween! you can use darker colors and mix a lot of glitter polishes too

    1. Thanks! My mum said just an hour ago that they reminded her of halloween. I think it would look stunning in an orange/black/purple glitter combination :)

  2. Since i don't have a google account but a website, i'll follow you on FB :)

    1. No problem! I update my FB page as soon as I do a new blog post so you'll always be up to date that way :) Thanks!


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