Thursday, 7 February 2013

Gilded Rose

How are you guys coping with Valentine's Month? As I suspected, Valentine's Month will be more like Valentine's Fortnight. 5 polishes down, 3 to go! Fear not skeptics of love, the lovey dovey terror will be over soon.

So what do I have left to show you? The three remaining polishes are Femme Fatale Cosmetic's Valentine's Trio. I'm starting today with 'Gilded Rose'. I've even thrown in some half-ass nail art as promised. Yep, stamping again. Sorry! Inspiration has been lacking lately, I've been putting my creative energy into other endeavours, all of which will be revealed soon ;)

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

'Gilded Rose' is a clear base glitter topper stuffed full of gold holo, rose and garnet glitters in various shapes and sizes. There's even gold stars in there. The base colour that I've used in this mani is A England's 'Iseult' (a beautiful shimmery soft pink that everyone needs to own). My photos show 'Gilded Rose' on my index and pinkie fingers, and stamping using Essie's 'Good As Gold' and plate m65 on my middle and ring fingers. I then placed some rose coloured glitters among the stamping to match the glitters in 'Gilded Rose'. I'm really happy with this combo, hopefully I can get a few days wear out of it!

Bottle shot

Australians are able to buy Femme Fatale Cosmetics polishes from the Femme Fatale Website. For girls living outside of Australia, 'Gilded Rose' hasn't hit any of the international stockists just yet, but I believe a few of them will have it within the next couple of weeks including Shoppe Eclecticco so keep an eye out. I also have big news for girls in Australia. In addition to their own line, Femme Fatale Cosmetics are now stocking Gloss 'n Sparkle and Emily de Molly, so you can now buy all 3 in the one location (hooray for combined shipping!). Jump over to the website for all the info.

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