Monday, 25 February 2013

Sayuri Nail Lacquer: Fairy Kei

The next Sayuri polish that I'm releasing swatches of is one that I know more than a few people are hanging out to see. This is 'Fairy Kei'.

Two coats of 'Fairy Kei' over China Glaze 'Sweet Hook'

One coat of 'Fairy Kei' over OPI 'Black Onyx'

'Fairy Kei' is my personal favourite from the Streets of Tokyo Collection. Influenced by the soft, pastel tones of the Fairy Kei style, this polish contains matte aqua, lavender, and pink hexes of varying sizes, along with tiny iridescent purple glitters in a light purple base that flashes blue in the light. The iridescent glitters are a little camera shy, but they're really pretty in real life. A few of them are just peeking out in the macro shot. I don't mean to blow my own horn, but I love the versatility of this polish. Out of curiosity I layered it over black, and I'm so glad that I did, because as you can see from my swatches the base becomes a beautiful shimmery navy. Hopefully some of you who aren't quite as girly as me can still enjoy 'Fairy Kei'!

The Sayuri Nail Lacquer website is now live for browsing purposes, and will go live for purchases at 9am AEST on Friday March 1st. If you're in Australia there's also a giveaway running that you can enter from the website blog or the tab on the facebook page. International girls please don't despair, your time is coming ;)


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