Friday, 14 December 2012

Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge: Christmas Tree

It's the 15th, only 10 days til Christmas guys! Today's theme for the Aussie Christmas Nail Challenge is 'Christmas Tree'.

Lamp light

Lamp light

Unfortunately it was a dreary rainy day when I did these so both photos were taken under a lamp. The light is a bit harsh on my skin, but the polish looks the right colour!

These nails are very easy to do, and I'm so sorry because I was planning to do a tutorial and then forgot to take photos half way through! But I'll give you a step by step guide anyway.

Step 1: Apply your protective base coat and then paint all your nails green, except your ring fingers which will be painted silver/white. I've used Revlon's 'Emerald City' and OPI's 'Happy Anniversary!'.

Step 2: Once the silver/white polish on your ring finger is dry, use some tape to mask off both sides of the nail, leaving only a triangle visible (I use painter's tape because it's not as tacky).

Step 3: Paint the visible triangle with your green polish, and 10-20 seconds later gently remove the tape. You should be left with a green triangle on a silver/white background.

Step 4: Use a gold glitter polish and paint a coat over all the green surfaces to create the appearance of twinkling lights. I've used Essie's 'Golden Nuggets'.

Step 5: Taking a red polish and a dotting tool, dot some lines diagonally across the green surfaces to form tinsel. I've use OPI's 'Wocka Wocka!'.

Step 6: Apply your clear top coat. While it's still wet, use a dotting tool dipped in clear polish to place a gold glitter star at the top of your Christmas trees. Do a second layer of top coat on these nails to secure the star in place.

Ta-da! Simple Christmas tree nails. What do you think? I must say, as much as I'm loving having themed nails I'm itching to wear something pretty and pink. The 26th can't come soon enough! ;)


  1. That is really cute, thank you for the how to steps :) xox

    1. I hope they made sense! I usually like to have photos because I think that helps make it clearer :)

  2. Love how glittery and Christmassy this is :)


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