Monday, 17 June 2013

An Amorous Disposition

Hey guys! Tonight I have another new Aussie indie label to introduce you to, Arcane, by Bec who most of you will know from her blog Nail Gun XS. Here's a fun fact for you, when I was coming up with the name of my own polish label Arcane was actually in my top 3 choices, luckily for Bec I chose to go with Sayuri ;) I still find it intriguing that we both thought of the same name when it's such an uncommon word.

Before I show you photos, I just want to apologise because I'm not entirely sure that my photos show this polish's true colour. My computer crashed the other day so until I get a new one I'm using a laptop with a less than optimum screen and it mutes colours. Just in case my photos aren't overly accurate I suggest checking out Bec's photos here.

Lamp light

Lamp light

This is 'An Amorous Disposition', a beautiful raspberry pink polish packed with tiny black, red, and holographic silver glitters. Unfortunately there was no sun for a few days when I wore this polish so the holographic glitters aren't too obvious in my photos taken under the lamp. I absolutely love this polish though, the colour is gorgeous and the red glitters really pop when they catch the light. In my photos I've used 3 thin coats and had no issues at all with application.

Bottle shot

Unfortunately Arcane is only available in Australia at the moment. Sorry international girls, I know us Aussie's keep teasing you with amazing Aussie indie polishes. Maybe you can all rally together and let Australia Post know that polish isn't as dangerous as they think. Aussies, you can buy Arcane Lacquer from the etsy store or through Femme Fatale Cosmetics.


  1. This polish kinda reminds me of strawberries. It looks so juicy!

    1. It definitely has a fresh feel to it despite it's rich colouring :)


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