Friday, 14 June 2013


Hey guys, I'm back! Sorry for my unplanned blogging break, life just got a bit too hectic for awhile there. I really should know by now to organise some guest posts for exam time. When will I learn?

Today I have the second polish to show you that Femme Fatale Cosmetics provided to me for review, 'Eggnogoholic' by Girly Bits. I don't know whether Sophie sent me this polish knowing that I'd love it, but it's right up my alley!

Lamp light

Lamp light

'Eggnogoholic' was released as part of Girly Bits's Season of Sparkle Collection in November last year, and while I believe it was intended as a Christmas-appropriate polish (I can just see it looking awesome with some red/green stamping over the top) it's perfect for all year round. It's off-white base doesn't make it look too stark, and it's filled with gold glitters that lean bronze under some lights. It's soft and pretty, which are 2 of my favourite traits in a polish. I'm also just discovering how much I love neutral polishes, and this one is neutral with just the right amount of sparkle which I love.

In my swatches above I've applied 4 coats (you can get the same effect with 3, but I stupidly kept bumping my nails so I added a 4th), and application was smooth. I've also applied some 2mm square gold studs (from Born Pretty Store) to compliment the gold glitters in the polish.

Bottle shot

'Eggnogoholic' is available from Femme Fatale Cosmetics now, there was a Girly Bits restock last night so you'd better be quick if you want to pick up a bottle of this one! Femme Fatale Cosmetics are the only stockist for international indie polishes in Australia, as well as having their own line of nail polishes and powder cosmetics. Shipping is currently only available within Australia (and if you live in Australia I strongly recommend checking out the FFC website as shipping from overseas distributors can be costly for us), but if you live internationally a list of Girly Bits stockists can be found here.

Disclosure note: The product/s in this post were provided for review. This did not affect my opinion of the product/s.


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