Saturday, 5 May 2012

Frostbite Gradient

I've been wanting to try out a gradient effect for awhile, so last night I gave it a go. I gotta tell you, it's super easy and very striking if you pick the right colours. I used China Glaze's 'Frostbite' for the base, and OPI's 'Glitzerland' as the second colour.

Unfortunately, I was so eager to get this done that I didn't even think to take progression photos. I'm sorry! But I promise you it's very straightforward. I'm sure I'll be doing a gradient design again, so I'll make sure to take photos next time. I used these eye shadow applicators, but anything with a spongy texture should work, I just prefer these because the stick handle on them meant I could use them without screwing up my already finished nails.

Step1: Start by doing your protective base coat.
Step 2: Paint your nails in your first colour (blue in my case). Let that dry, because you don't want to screw it up when you're putting on your second colour.
Step 3: Take your second colour and your sponge. Brush some of the polish onto your sponge and then lightly dab the colour onto your nail. Start about 2/3 of the way down and go right to the tip. You might need to remove some excess off the sponge first, as you want the first layer you do to be very light.
Step 4: Repeat this step, but starting about halfway down your nail, continuing right to the tip.
Step 5: Finally, dab a third layer onto the very tips of your nails. If you find that the colour still isn't solid at the tips (which is inevitable as the sponge naturally absorbs some of the colour), use your nail polish brush to apply the colour here.
Step 6: Apply your clear top coat.

Personally I think my colour combo would have looked extra special with a coat of fine gold glitter polish over the whole nail to pull the whole look together, but I don't have one so I'll have to try that some other time. Remember once your nails have dried to wash out your sponge so it doesn't harden up, mine is now useless, oops! So give this a go, it's super easy! Let me know if there's any other colour combos you want me to try :)


  1. I LOVE THIS LOOK! I'm a gay boy from Melbourne, and I adore painting my nails, I've been checking your blog all the time. My boyfriend is always asking me where I get my ideas from :) you're an inspiration!

    1. Thank you :)I keep telling my boyfriend it's ok for guys to wear nailpolish (he doesn't believe me, but that's his loss) haha


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