Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sugar And Spice And All Things Nice...

...That's what little girls are made of! As you may have gathered I'm a real girly girl, so this design is sugary sweet.

I've used OPI's 'Happy Anniversary!' (silver), 'Got A Date To-Knight' (pink), and 'Do You Lilac It?' (purple). I've also used some 2.5mm half pearl embellishments that you can buy on Ebay. Try searching 'nail art pearls'. Once again I have to apologise for the poor lighting in my photos. My light bulb blew again. I'll have to experiment with taking photos in another room of the house sometime.

Step 1: Apply your protective base coat and then paint your nails in your silver colour. Let it become touch dry before continuing.

Step 2: Using your pink colour, paint the section of the tip of your nail like I have in the photo below. I didn't use any tools to do this, just the brush that comes with the nail polish bottle. Depending on the formula of your polish you may need to do 2 coats for opacity. Let it become touch dry before continuing. (Click the photo to enlarge it if necessary).

Step 3: Using your purple polish, repeat the shape you painted with your pink polish but on the other side of the nail tip. Once again, apply 2 coats if necessary.

Step 4: After letting your nails dry a bit, apply your clear top coat. While the top coat is still wet place a pearl in the centre of the purple section. Follow with another layer of top coat just over the part of your nail where the pearl is to secure it in place. Alternatively, use nail glue to glue it on. Do this before applying your top coat.

So that's it! Very easy, although somewhat time consuming because you need to let the colours dry before applying the next one. This design will look good on short nails too :) If you want to know a trick for picking up the pearls and other rhinestones check out the 'rhinestone picker' in my Tools section. Love it? Like it? Hate it? Let me know by selecting one of the Reaction boxes below :)

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