Thursday, 18 October 2012

Flutterby Garden

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I'm a bit short on time at the moment, university is starting to heat up again with assignments and exams looming just around the corner. Unfortunately, this means that my posts might be a little bit delayed in the weeks to come, although I promise I'll try to be as organised as possible! Today you're in luck, I have a very pretty indie polish to show you. I didn't think that I'd get around to showing you this for a couple of weeks, but I was so dissatisfied with my last mani that it didn't last the distance. So, get ready for a bonus mani!

Full sunlight


Partial sunlight (excuse the top coat bubbles on the butterfly on the right!)

This is 'Flutterby Garden' by Emily de Molly. Flutterby Garden has green, lime, lavender and pink hex glitters, along with pink squares and some delicate green bar glitters all in a clear base. To top off this lovely glitter combo there are holographic butterflies thrown into the mix too. I bought a couple of other Emily de Molly polishes as well (which I'll show you at a later date), but this one is definitely my favourite. It's very girly and pretty without being pink/purple dominant which girly polishes generally are (obviously this also depends on what colour you choose to layer it over).

In the photo's above I've layered one coat of 'Flutterby Garden' over two coats of China Glaze's 'Light As Air', and finished off with Essie's 'Matte About You' topcoat. Note: the glitters in 'Flutterby Garden' are usually shiny, I just thought it looked nice mattified. I did use a dotting tool to put my normal shiny top coat just on the butterflies though, as they lost their holographic effect with the matte top coat and just appeared silver (hence the dodgy top coat you see in the photos haha). I should also mention that while I did occasionally (once) have to fish for the butterflies, they were quite easy to find and they love to stick to the brush, so it's hardly an issue and the pay off is well worth it. If you are 100% against fishing for glitters though then this one might not be for you.

Bottle shot

The Emily de Molly etsy store is currently on hiatus for a couple of weeks, however, this is good news. I know you're all thinking that this statement makes no sense, however, up until now Emily de Molly was only available to Australians due to shipping restrictions. The good news is that Llarowe have decided to stock Emily de Molly polishes, so everyone (except those in Italy) will be able to access them :) If you want to check out the range in the meantime I suggest liking the Emily de Molly facebook page. Polishes should be available again on the etsy store within a couple of weeks once Hayley from Emily de Molly has Llarowe set up with their stock :)


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