Friday, 15 March 2013

Travelling By Bubble

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Sorry guys, I'm a little behind with blogging. Looks like this semester of uni is going to be pretty full on and I have at least one piece of assessment due each week. I'll try to keep up! This does mean however that you'll be getting a blog post today AND tomorrow!

Lamp light

Lamp light

Today I have my first Smitten Polish to show you, 'Travelling By Bubble'. Smitten Polish released her Wickedly Smitten collection earlier in the year, and she sucked me in with it's theme (I'm a sucker for a polish with a good theme). This particular collection of polishes is inspired by the musical Wicked, which I'm a massive fan of. 'Travelling By Bubble' is a reference to Glinda's mode of transport, and the colour is inspired by her blue dress (with a touch of pink as a nod to her dress in the Wizard of Oz movie). On a somewhat unrelated note, Glinda's 'bubble dress' in the musical includes 25 different types of sequins and took 3 months to sew. Crazy right? And they have to make several for each production! *Obsessed fan alert*

'Travelling By Bubble' has a milky blue base with a subtle shimmer through it, and is packed with blue and pink dot glitters as well as smaller fuschia and blue hexes. I've used 2 coats, but you could add a 3rd for extra opacity or layer a single coat over a blue base. Application was smooth and I didn't have to place any glitters. I did have to fish a little for the dots though, but that was to be expected. Unfortunately I had to take my photos under the lamp due to rain, but the glitters are very pretty and sparkly in the sun.

Bottle shot

Smitten polishes are available from the etsy store, but can also be purchased from several retailers including Shoppe Eclecticco (and for those of you in Australia, Femme Fatale Cosmetics will be stocking them shortly too!). This definitely won't be my only Smitten Polish, I think I'll be back for a second order very soon!

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