Tuesday, 12 March 2013

She Walks In Beauty

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I'm still on a mission to get through my untrieds, and I've managed to knock out 2 untrieds in one mani. Not gonna lie, it feels like an accomplishment! The random number generator pulled A England 'She Walks In Beauty', and I thought what better to layer it over than a fellow untried A England, 'Galahad'.

Lamp light

Lamp light

'She Walks In Beauty' is an intriguing and beautiful polish, and I don't think I've seen any photos that do it justice. It consists of rose glitter hexes in a shimmery gold/green base. I'll admit when I first heard it described as a gold/green base I wasn't too keen, but there's a certain magical quality about it that grabs your attention. It's very solid from some angles but translucent and soft from others. Application is smooth and no glitter placement was required. 'Galahad' also has a  smooth application and is even and opaque in 2 coats.

'She Walks In Beauty' bottle shot

A England polishes are available from the website for those in the UK. Unfortunately due to recently enforced shipping laws (Royal Mail is x-raying packages and destroying those containing polish) Adina has had to suspend international shipping, but she does have a list of international stockists listed on the website. I wish her all the best in finding a solution to reinstate her international shipping soon!


  1. Now there's an interesting combination. I agree with you, I've had the feeling She Walks in Beauty might be quite pretty but the pictures I've seen of it have shown it on top of similar shades that didn't do it justice. The blue really sets it apart though, thanks!


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