Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hey guys, quick post tonight! I'm going to cut straight to the chase, this is 'Zeus' by Shades of Phoenix layered over 2 coats of OPI 'Pedal Faster Suzi!' (knocking out 2 untrieds in one mani *pats self on back*).

Lamp light

Lamp light

I bought 'Zeus' back in January when Shades of Phoenix launched. Unfortunately I had gone on a bit of a polish splurge and received more polishes at once than I knew what to do with and Zeus got a bit lost in my untried pile. But here it is and it's so damn pretty! 'Zeus' contains lavender, white and silver hexes, along with some sparkly iridescent purple/blue hexes in a clear base. Application was smooth and there was plenty of glitter on the brush each time, no fishing required.

Bottle shot

If you're in Australia you can purchase Shades of Phoenix from the etsy store. International girls you will soon be able to get your hands on Shades of Phoenix too! Jump over to the facebook page to stay up to date.


  1. It has purple in it, therefore I'm obligated to like it :P I would anyway, it's very pretty! I'm curious to see how it would look over baby blue...

  2. This is so pretty!! Looks gorgeous on your nails!


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