Saturday, 27 April 2013

Disney Princess: Belle

It's Saturday! Disney Princess time! Yes I know I missed Pocahontas last week, I had a design in mind but after a hellish week I opted for a girl's night instead. I might do Pocahontas and Mulan at the end of the challenge depending how I feel (are either of them really even princesses!?). Moving on. This week's princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Full sunlight

Full sunlight

This didn't turn out exactly how I'd hoped. I had further plans for my ring fingers but it ended up looking silly and I was getting tired so I ended up taking the polish off those nails all together and just doing a simple stamp. As always I've used a temporary tattoo layered over white polish on my middle finger. My index finger and pinkie are China Glaze 'Lemon Fizz' with Cirque 'Ophelia' on top, and my ring finger is China Glaze 'Secret Peri-wink-le' with the rose from plate M65 stamped using China Glaze 'Emotion'. The yellow was inspired by Belle's princess dress and the blue is the colour she wears for the majority of the movie. The rose of course is an important part of the movie as Belle must learn to love the Beast/Prince before the last petal falls or he'll remain a beast forever.

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