Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Paint It Blue! Round Up

As some of you will remember from my posts earlier in the month, April was Autism Awareness Month and a bunch of nail polish enthusiasts including myself were painting our nails blue for the entire month to raise awareness. Due to my hectic uni schedule I didn't get to post most of my blue manis, so now that it's the end of the month I'm putting all these manis together into what I would like to call the 'Paint It Blue! Round Up' post. Here we go!

First blue mani for the month, and a special one for World Autism Day. Some of you will remember from this post that the puzzle piece is from the Light It Up Blue logo. The polishes I used were OPI 'Absolutely Alice' and 'Can't Find My Czechbook', and Revlon 'Blue Lagoon'.

 Second blue mani. This is 2 coats of Hare Polish 'Twilight Savings'.

This is Sayuri 'Mizuiro' layered over A England 'Order Of The Garter'. The paper doll I'm holding is the Mizuiro paper doll from the Sayuri Streets of Tokyo Collection.

Fourth mani, Cinderella from the Disney Princess Nail Art Challenge. This one actually stayed on my nails for 8 WHOLE DAYS with not even the slightest hint of tip wear. The blue I used was Sinful Colors 'Cinderella' and I can safely say that it is the most hard-wearing polish I have ever encountered. You can see my full post for this one here.

Two coats of one of Hare Polish's newest additions 'Rococo Grandeur'. Love love LOVE this polish. I'll try and do a full post for this one somewhere in the near future.

Two coats of Rainbow Honey 'Mare Of The Moon'. This is another polish that I'll try to do a full post for shortly.

Seventh mani! Belle from the Disney Princess Nail Art Challenge. This one isn't completely blue but I wanted to incorporate the blue of the dress that Belle wears for the majority of the movie so that it at least had some blue on it. The glitter polish is Cirque ' Ophelia' and the creme is China Glaze 'My Secret Peri-wink-le'. You can see my full post for this one here.

Kate from Mcfresh Nail Attire sent me this one for review, but it just so happens to be blue! This is Mckfresh 'As The World Falls Down'. You can see my full post here.

Another Mckfresh polish that I was sent for review, this is Mckfresh 'Sarah' layered over China Glaze 'My Secret Peri-wink-le'. You can see my full post here.

And last but not least, blue mani number 10. This is a polish that I made for a uni assignment, but I like it so much that I think it might one day be incorporated into the Sayuri Nail Lacquer family. What do you think? The stamp is from Nailz Craze plate NC03 and was stamped using Essie 'No Place Like Chrome'.

So there you have it, a month of blue! It's been fun but I can't wait to get another colour onto my nails. The problem now is picking which one...


  1. Nothing ever matched up to OPI Absolute Alice despite the HUGE amount of glitters that have hit market (indies included) since that special one came out - I think every polish collector needs AA - and so great to see you used here here!


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