Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Daphne's Birthday Party

Today I have a brand to show you that has yet to make an appearance on my blog due to my enormous pile of untried polishes, but I think this is a fitting debut post. Many of you will be familiar with Australian brand Pretty Serious Cosmetics, who launched exactly a year ago today. To celebrate, a polish named 'Daphne's Birthday Party' has been released in honour of the brand's mascot, Daphne, and the idea is for everyone who owns a bottle to wear and share it today so that Daphne can TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (Ok so I may have exaggerated slightly, but I wouldn't have any problems with her taking over. What a minx).

Getting 'Daphne's Birthday Party' onto my nails was no easy task. I hurt my back yesterday morning and couldn't bend down to get to my bottle. I considered throwing myself at the floor and crawling to the draw it was in, but then realised that I wouldn't be able to get back up and didn't think Daphne would be too impressed with dust bunnies getting stuck in her birthday polish if I had decided to paint my nails while still lying on the floor. Finally it was suggested to me that I use my toes to pick up the bottle (well duh) so I managed to join the party after all!

'Daphne's Birthday Party' consists of 5 different coloured glitters (blue, gold, green, red, and purple) of the same size in a clear base. In my photos below I've layered 2 coats of  'Daphne's Birthday Party' over OPI 'Barre My Soul', not that you can see it through all that glitter! I was really hoping to do some nail art with this one, but considering the fact that I could barely pick up the bottle to use it I think this was a pretty solid effort.

Lamp light

Lamp light

Bottle shot

A big congratulations to Daphne and Pretty Serious for turning 1, and of course to Kaz and Ben for the success that the brand has achieved over the past year. Pretty Serious products are available internationally from the Pretty Serious website. There will be plently of Pretty Serious polishes to come in my future posts so stay tuned.

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