Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bow Tie French Tips

I love bows. And anything pink. Or shiny and glittery. This design incorporates all three :) For this design I definitely recommend having dotting tools, as your bobby pins or toothpicks probably won't cut it unless your toothpicks happen to be super SUPER sharp. If you want to buy some dotting tools see the link in my post 'Pastel Party'.

For this design I've used OPI's 'Teenage Dream' from the Katy Perry collection (pink glitter), 'Light My Sapphire' (near-black), and 'Malaysian Mist' (nude).

After applying your base coat, start by painting your whole nail in your nude shade for a natural look. Once that has mostly dried paint just the tips of your nails in your glitter polish. I like to just run the brush from one side of my nail to the other and then back again the other way for an even coverage. Take it nice and slow in order to get an even line. Allow this to dry. Then, taking your dotting tool (I used one of the medium sized ones in the pack) create a dot in the middle of your nail with your black colour, on the line where the glitter and nude colours meet. Using the same dotting tool create the outline of the wings of the bow and fill in the centres. Then take your smallest dotting tool and on the line where the glitter meets the nude colour draw a line from the bow to the edge of your nail. Finish with your clear top coat and your bow tie french tips are complete!

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  1. Hi there, Anthea,
    even I don't use any polish I just like your tutorials - your nails always look very classy.

    loveley regards from Switzerland


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