Saturday, 7 April 2012

Head In The Clouds...

This was a design I copied from CreativeNailArt's channel on youtube. I get alot of inspiration from watching videos on youtube, so if I do copy someone's design I'll give recognition where it's due. I just thought this design was too cute to resist! Rather than me explaining how to do this design, you can watch CreativeNailArt's video here.

The colours I've used are OPI's 'No Room For The Blues' (sky blue), 'Peace Baby' (white), and 'Wocka Wocka!' (red). I must admit, the hearts are a bit of a challenge, getting them to look perfect is hard at first. Mine kept getting bigger and bigger as I tried to fix little parts of them lol. I suggest doing lots of practice ones on paper first, and if you still don't feel that you're up to the challenge you can always just do the clouds, they're super easy and I'll admit a little bit fun to do ;)

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