Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Boyfriend: The Artiste

Disclaimer: I beg of you, DO NOT judge the content of my blog based on this post alone. I promise the rest of my blog is MUCH BETTER. I should also give fair warning that the images you are about to see may disturb some readers. Proceed with caution...

So a little while ago my boyfriend suggested that he should paint my nails. I was shocked. Yes, I'm happy that he's supportive of my...errr....'habits'...but it came as a complete surprise to me that he would actually want to paint my nails. But I figured why not? We could wait until we were on holidays because then I wouldn't have to leave the house with what I could only imagine would be a disaster on my nails, and it would be an interesting couples activity to try. I figured how well he did would also be a good indication of how he actually feels about me haha.

I think from this point on I'll just let the photos do the talking. *Note* I didn't bother to do any clean up, I wanted to show the manicure's full effect :p

Left hand

Right hand (note the 'feature nail' on my index finger)

Since we did this at his house, I obviously couldn't bring my 100+ polish collection with me, so I asked him what colours he wanted to use. He said blue and purple, so I brought about 3 different shades of each with me, but apparently I didn't bring what he wanted (last I checked males couldn't see as many shades as females anyway). He ended up picking China Glaze's 'Frostbite' as a base and used  OPI's 'Plugged-In Plum' for his designs on top. He then finished with a coat of Essie's 'Golden Nuggets'.

To be honest, I'm not really sure what to make of this experience. It's not quite as disastrous as I had imagined, I had thought he would turn all evil on me and totally massacre my nails. I think he was either feeling lazy, or just playing it safe. Either way, I won't be turning to him for creative guidance anytime soon :p

I'm off to soak my nails in a giant barrel of remover now. You can expect a decent post from me tomorrow night as long as the weather is sunny in the morning so I can take photos before I head to work.


  1. Hahaha, it's like he got bored by the second hand. :P But the kitty one is actually quite cute. Amusing post.

    1. Lol thanks. He actually admitted to me afterwards that he has no idea how I have the patience to do my nails because he got bored after one hand!

  2. Replies
    1. He'll be so happy that everyone likes the cat haha.

  3. Give him props for drawing a nice cat!

    1. Lol I'll have to let him know that everyone loves the cat. He'll be so proud haha


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