Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Another quick way to add interest to your nails in additon to nail stickers (see my previous post) if you're in a rush is shatter/crackle polishes. An added bonus is that when they start to chip it isn't too obvious if you've used a light coloured base.

At the moment I only own one shatter, the pink shatter from the 'Pink of Hearts 2011' series by OPI. It's not a colour that I'd highly recommend, but I might go in to further detail on that in another post if I start doing reviews (now there's an idea). If you're going to own only one shatter, I'd suggest black.

Depending on what you do with the base colours, it can be quite effective with the shatter over the top. Try doing stripes in a couple of different colours followed by the shatter for a gradient effect. Unfortunately for me, the pink colour I have isn't too versatile so I can only put it over light coloured bases as it's quite translucent. In the photo below I've layered it over OPI's 'It's Totally Fort Worth It' from their Texas collection and finished off with a clear top coat.

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