Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nail Art Stickers (and humble beginnings)

This was the first time I tried painting my nails since I was about 10. Needless to say I wasn't so good at it at first. So in this post I'm going to introduce to you a handy little tool I use, as well as some nail art stickers (which are a really simple way to make your nails more interesting if you're short on time, or if you're still not very confident in your skills).

This is the tool I use to remove excess polish (aka accidents) from around my nails. Once again, this was an ebay purchase (let's face it, everything is cheaper from Hong Kong as long as you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks for postage). If you don't already, I suggest you get yourself an ebay account if you're serious about experimenting with nail art. Anyway, the tool is basically a pen that you dip in nail polish remover. It easily gets rid of polish and leaves a clean line around the nail. This seller sells a bulk pack of 5 for about $5, but you can buy them as a single item from other sellers. I'm still on my first one, so far it's lasted about 3 months. It comes with 4 tips so once one gets really dirty you just swap it over.

The second item I want to introduce in this post, is nail art stickers. Once again, ebay purchases. Type in 'nail art stickers' in the search bar and the results are endless. Some of my favourites are from this seller. However, if you're going to use these I suggest you invest in some good quality non-acetone nail polish remover like the professionals use, as these can be a bit of a pain to get off otherwise. Unfortunately I don't remember which polish I used as a base colour in the first 2 photos below, it was a few months ago. I think it was just some cheapy I bought when I didn't actually think I'd keep this up lol. The polish in the 3rd photo is OPI's 'Light My Sapphire'.

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