Thursday, 15 March 2012

A Very Merry (Belated) Christmas

So obviously I did these nails about 3 months ago at Christmas time. I'm not one of those crazy (yet jolly) people who leave their Christmas decorations up all year round, blasting 'Jingle Bells' from the stereo. I'm posting these to give you ideas for Christmas this year (yes, start planning NOW!). Also if you're one of those people who do the whole 'Christmas in July' thing I guess you can use these as inspiration for that too.

I did two different sets of Christmas nails. I won't go into details about where to get the Christmas themed pretties because I doubt they're still in stock, but once again, EVERYTHING you see in the pictures below (except the polishes) came from ebay.

In the first design I've painted my nails in OPI's 'It's Totally Fort Worth It' from the Texas collection and used holly water decals. These are the ones that you dip in water and slide off onto your nail. I then used a clear top coat and placed 2mm rhinestones into the wet polish (search 'rhinestones' or 'diamontes' on ebay and you will get a tonne of results). I'll give you a tip in a minute for a nifty tool I use to help pick up the rhinestones. The strip of green tape you can see on my ring finger came from ebay too (search 'striping tape'). You can buy them singly from some sellers or in packs of 10 or so from others. Basically it's just that: tape. Sticky on the back so simply place it on and trim it (do this before doing your clear top coat).

For the second design I've painted my nails in OPI's 'Wocka Wocka!' from the Muppets collection, used nail art stickers, and finished with a clear top coat. Yep, super quick and easy!

Now for that nifty tool I mentioned for picking up rhinestones. Basically it's just a pencil, but whatever makes up the 'lead' of the pencil picks up the rhinestones so that you can easily place them on your nails. Don't bother trying to use a normal pencil, it won't work. You can get these for a couple of dollars each (or less) on ebay. Just search 'rhinestone picker'.

So that's it! When Christmas is approaching if you're after water decals or stickers just search 'Christmas nail art' in ebay and see what takes your fancy. Remember to allow time for overseas postage, you don't want your Christmas themed goodies arriving in the New Year!

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