Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Nail Foils

To be honest, these nail foils are what started it all. A friend of mine had some of these and so I started using them myself. They're great if you're short on time, or don't want to be stressed about smudging your polish. There are a lot of brands available, but the ones I've had the most success with (as well as being reasonably priced) are these ones by 'Nail Art World'. I also found that they fit my nails without me needing to trim them down. To use them, you simply dip them in water one at a time and slide the design off onto your nail, let it dry, and then apply a clear top coat.

As they're an Asian brand (and I live in Australia), I buy mine from ebay. If you're after a wide selection, this seller has a pack of 25 for about $15. If you just want a couple of packs to start with, there are a few sellers on ebay that do sell this brand, just search 'nail water decal' or something similar and make sure the packaging looks the same as in my picture below.

My only complaint with these is that I found some top coats 'melt' the design. The pack comes with 2 spares, so if you're going to use these I suggest that you test your top coat on one nail first before rushing in and doing all of them so that you can replace the foil if it does melt.

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