Saturday, 12 January 2013


Children of the 90's, I have a childhood flashback for you! Today I have a tape mani for you using 'Reptar' by Alanna Renee layered over China Glaze's 'Sweet Hook'.

Full sunlight


Full sunlight

For those of you whose memories need a bit of a jolt (or for those of you who weren't children of the 90's), Reptar was a toy dinosaur on the Nickelodeon show 'Rugrats'.

Meet Reptar

It's easy to see the resemblance between the character and the nail polish. 'Reptar' has orange and lavender hex glitter along with smaller black, white and neon green glitters in a lime green base. This one dries a little gritty, but it really suits the polish (who knew that a gritty polish could look good?). If you want to smooth it out though all it takes is 2 applications of top coat.

Bottle shot

Alanna Renee is a new Aussie indie label, and already I can tell that her polishes are going to be consistently well executed.  She's one to watch out for. Unfortunately due to strict shipping laws her polishes are only available in Australia at the moment, but I believe she's working on an international solution. Those of you in Australia can buy Alanna Renee polishes on her website here, and she'll be restocking sold out shades in 2-3 weeks time.


  1. This is such a cool way of using it! Love this :)

    1. Haha thanks! To be honest the thought of lime green on my nails scared me a little so I paired it with the purple :)

  2. I was confused by this until I saw the name Reptar :D not a kid of the 90s but I watched Rugrats for a long time! very cute mani

  3. I loved Rugrats and wow, Reptar is pretty much perfect. Another polish to put on the lemming list. And I agree, the brand certainly looks like one to keep an eye on!


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