Tuesday, 22 January 2013

OMG Nail Strips

I was recently approached by OMG Nail Strips to review their products, so of course I said yes. OMG Nail Strips' goal is to bring the latest styles and trends in nail art and turn them into an easy to apply nail strip. At the moment I find their design range somewhat limited as I'm not a massive fan of animal print, but if the company grows as much as they claim to be then they could have a rather extensive range of designs in the future.

At the moment they offer 2 different types of strips, polish strips and foil strips, and I have one of each to show you. To put a twist on this review, I'll sum up the pros and cons of each and put the 2 up against each other in a nail strip battle. Both strip types apply like most other strips that I've used. Simply clean the nail, place the strip on, fold the excess under the free edge of the nail, file off the excess, and secure with a clear top coat. The packaging comes with instructions on the back, and while the English on them isn't great it's easy enough to understand.

L - R: Nail foil strips and nail polish strips


The nail foil strips that I received were the Butterfly design (code OMG7001). The pattern on these ones is very pretty and girly, and the print doesn't look as spotty to the naked eye as my camera makes out. My only dislike about this design is the size of the butterflies. It would be nice if they were smaller so that you could fit more onto your nail.

Nail Foil Strip PROS:
  • More designs. OMG foil strips currently have a slightly more extensive range of designs than the polish strips.
  • Easy removal. Simply apply nail polish remover and then peel them off once they have loosened.
  • 16 strips in the pack to allow for different nail sizes (or mistakes!).
Nail Foil Strip CONS:
  • Don't mold to the nail as well as the polish strips (see the slight bubbling at the side of my nails). This is possibly because they are slightly thicker than the polish strips.
  • Curl slightly once you remove the backing paper making them a little harder to apply than if they didn't curl.
  • Because of the thickness of the strip the filed edge was a bit rough.
  • Too wide and poorly shaped curve at cuticle edge. This is possibly because I have small nails that I had this problem, but I had to trim all of them down to size except the thumb which was somewhat time consuming.


When I was offered the chance to review these strips I was asked which designs I wanted. I nominated the cloud design (code OMGB1003) but somehow ended up with this lip design (code OMGB2001). For me personally, the lip design is a bit tacky, so I cut them into strips and applied them on top of black polish (OPI's 'Black Onyx') to soften the look a little. I can confirm that these strips apply just as well on top of polish as they do on your bare nail.

Nail Polish Strip PROS:
  • Much more manageable than the nail foil strips. There was no curling once the backing paper was removed and they molded well to the nail.
  • Thinner than the foil strips, and the filed edges weren't jagged or rough.
  • 14 strips in the pack to allow for different nail sizes.
  • Shape of the curve at the cuticle edge suited my nail shape better than the nail foil strips. I liked that the ones designed for the thumbs were more squared at the corners than the ones designed for fingers.
Nail Polish Strip CONS:
  • Too wide. Similar to the nail foil strips, these were too wide for me and I had to trim some off the sides.
  • Easy removal, however slightly messier than the nail foil strips. The polish strips tended to disintegrate rather than come away in one piece.

The final verdict?
While both types of strips are wearable if you have a bit of patience, if I was ordering these again I would definitely go with the nail polish strips over the foil strips. While the foil strips currently offer a larger range of designs the nail polish strips were much more manageable.

You can buy OMG Nail Strips from their website for $4.29 each (with free worldwide shipping), which is very affordable when you compare them with other brands such as Nail Rock or OPI. You can also visit them on their facebook page.

Disclosure note: The product/s in this post were provided for review. This did not affect my opinion of the product/s.


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