Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sweet Charity

Hey kids! Today I have one of the polishes from Gloss 'n Sparkle's first real collection to show you. Sure Angela from Gloss 'n Sparkle has released plenty of awesome polishes in the past, but never as a full collection.

Overcast lighting

Overcast lighting

Lamp light

This is 'Sweet Charity' from the Discord Collection. This collection of 9 polishes is inspired and named after the songs of Mr Bungle. Now I have to admit that until a couple of weeks back I had no idea who (or what) a Mr Bungle was. I think I'm just too young to remember as my research shows me that they were a band formed in 1985 (and I was born in '88). All things aside, I might not know the musical stylings of Mr Bungle, but I sure do like nail polish so that's enough for me!

The Discord Collection polishes are all about clashing colours, and 'Sweet Charity' is no exception. I have to hand it to Angela for pulling this off, anyone who has done some sort of design work will know how hard it is to make things that clash work together. 'Sweet Charity' has a peachy orange base that appears darker in some lighting, and is packed with small fuchsia and turquoise glitters. In my photos above I've done one (yes, ONE) coat of 'Sweet Charity'. I was shocked. I have so few one-coaters in my collection I never expected that this would be one of them.

I'll admit that I was slightly apprehensive about this one at first, I loved the colours but wasn't sure whether this particular shade of orange would work on me. I'm still not too sure, so I'll let you guys be the judge of whether it works for me or not.

Bottle shot (the glitters shine a lot more when the sun isn't hidden by clouds!)

The Discord Collection along with other Gloss 'n Sparkle polishes are available from the etsy store for those living in Australia. For those of you who live internationally Shoppe Eclecticco will be stocking the collection shortly. Don't forget to use the code NO2PC at Shoppe Eclecticco checkout for a discount on every order.

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