Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rainy Day

Well, the rain has made itself feel right at home here in Brisbane, and it doesn't look like it wants to leave anytime soon. Typical school holiday weather really. To compensate for the dreary weather I've done some cheerful rainy day nails to remind myself that the rain isn't all bad. It's great weather for cuddling and sleeping in! Plus the people living next door to me are raising their house at the moment, so it keeps the tradies away early in the morning.

I think it's pretty obvious how I did this, but I'll give you a tutorial anyway.

Step 1: Apply your protective basecoat and then paint your nails in a light grey colour. I used China Glaze's 'No Name Yet'. (I'm guessing they got lazy when naming that one...)

Step 2: Using a medium/large size dotting tool (see my tool page if you're not sure what a dotting tool is) create a couple of white clouds towards the base of your ring finger and thumb on both hands. This is where different sized dotting tools come in handy instead of using a toothpick or bobbypin. The white polish I used is OPI's 'Peace, Baby!'.

Step 3: Once the white has dried, take a silver shimmer or glitter polish and using your dotting tool go over the white parts to give them a bit of shine. I used OPI's 'Happy Anniversary'.

Step 4: Apply your clear top coat and use a rhinestone picker (see tools page) to place 3 teardrop shaped rhinestones onto your ring fingers and thumbs while the polish is still wet. I like to do a second coat on top of the rhinestones to really stick them in place. Alternatively, you can use nail glue to stick them on, but your top coat should be able to hold them without any problems.

So that's it. I was planning to do another konad design, but the rain inspired me. I'm sure I'll end up doing another konad design soon though. I have alot of ideas floating around at the moment. Stay safe in the rain! And if you like my designs please subscribe :)

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