Monday, 2 July 2012

Fancy Schmancy Wallpaper

I tried using konad again, with a little more success this time:

I actually got the print in the right place! (On the hand in the photo at least). The print reminded me a bit of fancy wallpaper. Just like you would never cover a whole room in wallpaper these days, I thought it might be a bit tacky to do this on all my nails, so I opted for a 'feature wall'. I used konad plate m83, white konad polish, and OPI's 'Light My Sapphire' as the base colour. I then placed some red steel balls in to my wet top coat to finish.

I found that some of my top coats smeared the red colour, so I tested a few and found that China Glaze's 'Fast Forward Top Coat' left the red intact. I found however that the CG FFTC smeared the konad polish, so I used INM's 'Out The Door' top coat over the konad before applying the CG to adhere the balls. Phew!

I'm bored with this design already (it's only been 24 hours!). I wanted to do something a bit brighter and happier, so I'm considering doing my nails again tonight. Check back tomorrow, there's a 90% chance of another design!

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  1. Super adorable!! Love how you spruced up the stamp and added a tiny ruby))


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