Monday, 30 July 2012

Sherbet Sparrow

First, an update: I've now added tutorial photos to my last post, Watercolour Faux. If you're thinking of giving the technique a go, check it out.

Now for my current nails:

The first photo is taken in the shade, the second is in full sunlight and the third is indoors.

I hadn't done pink nails in awhile (shock!). I'm surprised I haven't had pink withdrawals, but I guess everything I own is pink so I hadn't noticed. These two colours together remind me of sherbet. In particular the sherbet ice-cream cones you get from Wendy's (in Australia, I think the Wendy's in America is something entirely different). It reminds me of when the sherbet starts to get wet from the ice-cream and starts to turn a darker pink.

This gradient technique was done using a make up sponge. I'll admit that the transition between the two colours didn't turn out as smoothly as I'd hoped, I'll have to keep practicing. I'll point you in the direction of the Nailasaurus' blog (click here) for instructions on how to do this, hers turned out much smoother than mine did.

The colours I've used are OPI's 'Got A Date To-Knight' and 'You're A Pisa Work'. I then stamped the birds from Konad plate Q1 over the top with white Konad polish (I've yet to try experimenting with polishes other than the special Konad polishes when stamping, but I'll get around to it soon enough!).

On another note, for those of you in Australia who are fans of ORLY polishes, they've teamed up with Colette and they currently have 50% off all their full priced polishes online until August 29th 2012.  Just enter the code COLETTE at checkout. There's a maximum of 5 bottles per person and I believe shipping is a flat rate of $5.50. Check them out here. I've never tried their polishes, but at 50% off I might just give them a go. Does anyone recommend ORLY? Any favourite colours? Comment below!


  1. Hi Anthea this nail design is just awesome! :) so pretty. I've tried a few Orly polishes when Priceline had a big $5 sale - I wasn't impressed!

    1. Oh really? Hmmm well I might not get any then, save my money for some more OPI haha.


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