Monday, 9 July 2012


I've made some changes to my blog. Good changes. Ones that will benefit my beloved readers.

To start, on the left side of my page I now have links to several ways you can follow me. My facebook page is new as of today, so if you have facebook please click through and like my page! Of course, I would still love for you to subscribe directly to my blog, but if you usually follow your favourite blogs through bloglovin' or hellocotton then the option is now there for you :) If there are any other websites you follow blogs through please let me know. I'm also on pinterest if that interests you.

Secondly, on the right side of my page I've added some useful links to stores that I buy some of my supplies from. Please note, I'm not being paid at all by these companies, they're just companies that I've found provide a good service/product and so I'm passing the information on to benefit you.

So that's what I've spent my day doing! Boring huh? Check back in a couple of days for a new design :)


  1. Love the new look blog, especially the polish bottles up top, soo cute!

    1. Thanks! I had to whip out my photoshop skills for that one haha.


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